Training Options

Please note that training is an added cost on top of the cost of the puppy, Training includes the VACCINATIONS and de-worming note that training fees must be paid monthly. TRAINING cost does not include delivery cost.

Additional Vaccines Offered


This is Kennel Cough, it is good for a year from administration date. This is an intranasal vaccine that we have in stock. If your puppy is going to daycare or training or you will need to board pup in the first year this might be something to consider. We will do this for $50 extra only one booster needed in 1 years time frame.

H3N8- Influenza Vaccine

There has recently been a strain of influenza that has struck the east coast area including and not limited to New York City and we have begun offering this vaccine to help immunize your pups. This vaccine requires 2 doses approx 3 weeks apart and can not be given until 8 weeks of age so if you are keeping your dog with us for an extra couple of weeks we will administer both boosters otherwise we will administer one. The cost is $50 extra,  


This is a serious concern to anyone who will be hiking, camping, or visiting tick infested areas. Lyme disease can be a debilitating disease that can end a dogs life well before their time should be up! We highly recommend this vaccine if you will be in any area where Ticks are prevalent. This vaccine requires 2 boosters, one at 8 weeks and one 3-4 weeks after. We will do both if your dog is in our custody  for the duration of the vaccine schedule, if you're accepting your dog at 8-9 weeks s/he will receive the first vaccine. $50 extra