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Application Fee For Reservation of Puppy

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 This reservation fee is for a Puppy From Golden Beauties Driven to Doodles it is $500.00, Remaining balance is to be paid by the time your puppy is 5 weeks old. This is for the reservation on any puppy; be sure you are approved before submitting this. Note that reservations are non-refundable as this is a commitment. By submitting this reservation you have read and understand the following: 

Puppy Reservation Agreement: In the event that the litter list that your family is on does not produce enough puppies you will be moved to the next list that yields a similar outcome (color, generation, size). If, however we cannot provide you with a puppy that is similar to your original request (color, size and generation) [if we no longer offer that generation, breed, size etc.] then we will be willing to refund your reservation, minus paypal fees if applicable. Otherwise reservations are non-refundable: Your reservation is a commitment between you and Golden Beauties Driven to Doodles.  

Price List

Golden Beauties Driven to Doodles Policy

 Golden Beauties . . . Driven to Doodles, LLC is a NYS licensed breeder, we own and harbor all of our breeding dogs and puppies in our home, not a kennel and no pups or adults are in guardian homes so we know our dogs the best, which brings us a step above the rest! 

    Step 1: Please fill out our application in full, all information is vital so that we can contact you and  for the puppy selection process. If a part of the application (especially demographics) is not completed we will not be reviewing your application for review.

    Step 2: When your application is approved a reservation fee of $500  is due to secure a place on our wait list. It is imperative to get your reservation in as the lists fill up fast! This is non-refundable unless we are no longer able to provide you with a puppy.
    Here are the convenient ways to pay your reservation: Through the secure paypal link on our website or  via check; checks are to be made out to Golden Beauties Driven to Doodles LLC 100 East Ave Hilton NY 14468. 

    In the event that the litter list that your family is on does not produce enough puppies you will be moved to the next list that yields a similar outcome (color, generation, size). If, however we cannot provide you with a puppy that is similar to your original request (color, size and generation) [this would apply if we no longer bred that generation/breed/etc] then we will be willing to refund your reservation. Otherwise reservations are non-refundable: It is a commitment between you and Golden Beauties Driven to Doodles. *Applicants can change their option and move to different lists understanding that they may extend the time that they will get an available puppy and the price may differ per generation/breed.
    In the event that we have to move a family to a later wait list we will always be willing to keep your puppy and begin potty and basic manners training for up to  weeks of age free of charge if you have vacations etc planned that do not coincide with the puppy 8-9 week of age marker. 

    We are so excited for you to see & meet the breed that you are interested in that we will even let you meet with one of our previous puppies to demonstrate the beauty and intelligence and athleticism of our amazing dogs! 
    We post tons of photos and videos through the following sites: youtube videos, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger. See the bottom of the page for links.

    Visitation to our dogs or the house they reside in is strictly forbidden as the health and welfare of the dogs of ours and the puppies on premises that are owned by other families is top priority. 
    We can provide references to you who will include people who have a puppy from us, we are also state licensed and inspected PD#638 which upon beginning breeding Stacy chose to opt into when it was not required.
    If participating in the board and train program visits can occur once every 4 weeks, beginning after your puppy is 8 weeks of age and has received both 2nd DAPP and 1st Influenza vaccination. In that scenario visiting is permitted at Stacy's home only, visitation is not allowed at the dogs house as again the health and welfare of the puppies and adults is top priority.

    Let it be known that we do not even travel to the veterinarian, they come to us so that our adults and pups are not even remotely exposed to illness. 
    The puppy selection process is done by using our temperament tests, as well as incorporating all of the specifications that applicants add to their applications and correspondence thereafter. We carefully select a puppy that fits each family and the family's needs.

    Here at Golden Beauties Driven to Doodles we know your puppy better than anyone therefore we have the best capacity to make an educated decision on the best possible puppy for your family. With us making the decision is why we have so many satisfied puppy families all over the USA and several other countries! When breeders allow their families to choose their puppy based on an hour visit the breeder is leaving the decision completely up to a family who only sees the puppy for a short time frame, where the breeder has the best idea of all on that puppy's temperament and coat style. We as breeders know the most about our dogs, puppies and our breed so it is best for us to work with families to choose the best puppy rather than let a family choose based on "This puppy likes me" or "It's the quiet one" because they all like everyone (they're puppies and this is a happy breed!!), they are all quiet sometimes and they are all wild at other times, you just may not see all of them when they are at their best! We as breeders see them all the time! We have successfully chosen puppies for families for years!
    *So the more information you can provide to us the easier this process will be.

    The wait list is used to identify which order the reservations are received in (i.e. 1 is the first reservation received, 2 is the second reservation received etc...); if a person is #9 on the wait list and #9 is the termination of that list and the mother of the litter only has a litter of 8 we will switch you to the next planned litter with the exception of special needs, however some people choose to wait longer for many personal reasons, also if someone has special needs and no pups in a litter will meet those needs the family will be moved to a more appropriate litter, we pride ourselves on choosing the absolute best match for each family and/or facility. You will have 48 hours to respond to the initial email/text/phone call notifying of the litters birth as to whether you are staying on the litter or not once they are born and notified of the litter. 

    By the puppy's age of 5 weeks the payment and contract is due back to us, if your payment and paperwork is not sent back by 5 weeks of age of puppy your placement will be relinquished and you will be transferred to the next wait list. We do offer payment plans so please inquire if that is needed. In the case of a refund of the balance (minus reservation fee) we have 30 days from the request for refund to process your refund; refunds are only permitted when buyer does not accept or take a puppy from a litter; reservation fees are always non-refundable.


    Puppies can go home between 8 and 9 weeks (no sooner, if later a fee will be charged). We offer personal delivery at 0.70 cents per mile from Hilton, NY to your destination and back to Hilton NY plus tolls.

  • TRAINING OPTIONS:                                                                                                                                                     Stacy is a Certified Canine Behavior Consultant; actually what she did long before beginning this breeding program. Stacy offers starter training of potty, crate adjustment and basic manners which tackles jumping, mouthing etc, and basic commands, sit and down. This basic package is $100 a week from weeks 9-13; also including any vaccines besides rabies,                                                                                                                After 13 weeks of age there is an added $100 for the rabies vaccine as we have our Vet come to us to administer this to your puppy and give another full exam. Training beyond 13 weeks of age will be quoted per the needs of the family for their dog. We also take donations to help people in need with this of which 100% of the money donated goes to families and we will also throw in some extra as well, we are here to help people in the best way we can so please inquire for help, we can always find a way to raise money for your assistance!