Available Labradoodles!

We might just have something perfect available for you NOW,  please check out our Available puppies page!  

Available Puppies

F1 STANDARD labradoodle puppies

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 These will be F1 generation which is direct cross between the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle. The size should be standard Doodle 50 lbs and above. 


Blue and Mance have delivered a gorgeous litter of Labradoodles on March 13th, there are 2 boys available. see below for photos and further information!

labradoodle pairings

 Blue is a silver colored labrador retriever and bred with Jack or Mance she should produce chocolate, silver and tan colored pups. They will be medium to large in size likely 65 + pounds when full grown. We expect black, silver and brown colors. 

Winter 2019 - 2020 take home wait list

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  • List Currently Closed


  • List Currently Closed



**The wait lists are merely a guide. Families will be matched with an available puppy based on the following criteria: Take home date, coat color and style, generation and size, temperament.**    

*Stud dog for all F1 Medium litters will either be Jack or Mance; both equally amazing health wise as well as personality. All bitches and studs are genetically cleared prior to breeding.

**Breedings are based on demand as we accept deposits prior to the breeding of the pairs to ensure each and every puppy will be matched with the perfect family. 

The above sizes are a guide, Goldendoodles are a hybrid and within any litter, there may be puppies that fall above or below the projected adult weights, however the majority of the time they are the projected size.