Recommended Food & Dog Products

The below products we recommend and personally use- If we give it to OUR Dogs, Cats and other creatures then you should as well!  Take it from an Expert - no need to do your own research, we have checked these products out!  

NuVet, the dogs favorite vitamins, love the flavor!

NuVet Labs Vitamins

Why Choose NuVet?

"At NuVet Labs® we really are “pet people”. We love animals so much it’s not uncommon for our employees to bring them to work. Even our President’s little Yorkie has his own cubicle.

We have made it our mission to help our furry friends stay healthy for years to come. It is this passion for pets that drives us to produce the best nutritional supplement you can find.

NuVet Labs® has spent over 8 years to create a product designed to provide the best immune system support possible. To do this we put together a team of top scientific, medical and pet industry professionals that shared our desire to find real solutions to an ever growing pet health dilemma.

NuVet® products are made in a FDA registered laboratory with natural, human-grade ingredients specially compounded to deliver the most effective nutritional health benefits. Utilizing the latest advances in medical and nutritional science, we apply state of the art manufacturing technologies to help us maintain a standard of product quality and integrity that is virtually unheard of in the pet industry.

It is our pledge to the millions of pets, and to their human families, to continually produce the most powerful nutritional supplements that support pets’ health and keep them that way for a lifetime."

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Life's Abundance is more than abundant!

Life's Abundance dog food

Why feed Life's Abundance?

 Never once a Recall! Not ever! And Delivered directly to your doorstep!


Everything we do at Life’s Abundance is centered around our purpose of helping to improve the health and wellness of families.  When we bring a product to market, you can count on its exceptional quality, safety and efficacy.  For nearly two decades, families across the U.S. have trusted Life’s Abundance to deliver premium wellness to their door.  We also provide an income opportunity for people interested in starting their own home business by promoting health for the whole family. We work tirelessly to support the Life’s Abundance community of Independent Field Representatives because we know that their success means that together we are delivering wellness to more families."

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NOT Recommended


Rawhides are not recommended, rawhides can soften to the point where they get stuck in the throat and unbeknownst to the humans around dogs can choke. They also can puncture the stomacjh and intestines. Please Do NOT give Rawhides

Stuffed toys

Stuffed toys are okay but closely monitored ONLY! Pups and even adults can chew them, remove squeakers and stuffing and ingest the stuffing... This is an unwanted vet visit. Wait until your dog is old enough and/or monitor with stuffed toys