COVID-19 3/22/2020: It is NOT recommended to get a puppy during Quarantine!Governor Cuomo & President Trump have set forth a shut down for NON-ESSENTIAL businesses- First off we should be limiting contact with ALL other people!!

  • Puppies need a lot of socialization and veterinary care when they are young, most all Vets are ONLY accepting Emergency cases as the risk of spreading the Virus is inherent. 
  • It is recommended that people remain away from other people right now so your new puppy would LOSE a lot of essential socialization time.
  • A viewpoint from me as a Certified Canine Behavior Consultant all puppies NEED Socialization with other People and animals and this is NOT the time to do this!

So PLEASE DO NOT RUN OUT AND BUY A PUPPY RIGHT NOW!!!!! Wait until the quarantine is over! If you are hell bent on getting an animal think about fostering a cat or adult dog or rescuing a cat or adult dog, they will need far less than a puppy right now.I will be accepting applications but for FALL and WINTER take home and will work with all families during this crisis and going forward. 

APPLY TODAY Winter-2021 take home!

The sooner you get your application in for these babies the sooner you will be able to take one home. 

We are planning  Golden Retriever & F1 Medium  Goldendoodles Fall/Winter take home! Limited spaces on the wait lists get your application in NOW!

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