Exquisite Golden Retrievers & Goldendoodles

Exquisite Golden Retriever & Goldendoodle puppies

Exquisite Golden Retriever & Goldendoodle puppies

Exquisite Golden Retrievers & Goldendoodles in New York State. 

Certified Canine Behavior Consultant & Veterinary Assistant.

A Step Above the Rest! 

~ There is No Comparison to Golden Beauties Driven to Doodles ~


Exquisite Golden Retrievers & Goldendoodles in New York State. 

Certified Canine Behavior Consultant & Veterinary Assistant.

A Step Above the Rest! 

~ There is No Comparison to Golden Beauties Driven to Doodles ~

We are the breeder you have been searching for!

Golden Beauties . . . Driven to Doodles, LLC

We breed Golden Retrievers, Goldendoodles, Mini Goldendoodles, Medium Goldendoodles; All of our Doodles & Goldens are excellent as pets and even better as therapy , emotional support and service dogs. 

We have a 4 year health guarantee; By health testing our stock and carefully selecting the best breeding pairs we are more than confident we can provide you the utmost healthiest puppy out there. Health Guarantee for 4 years of your puppy's life; 6 Years if you Join our feeding program with Life's Abundance food and NuVet Vitamins! 

About Us

Experienced Breeder

goldendoodle puppy from golden doodle new york

 We officially incorporated in 2009. We began Obtaining breeding stock in 2005 and actually began Breeding in 2007. The name was originally coined Golden Beauties as we began as Golden Retriever Breeders, our name was altered from "Golden Beauties" when we found a bit of strain between our fellow Golden Retriever breeders and us due to our modification of the breed (many Golden Breeders have since then began breeding Goldendoodles).  Stacy has been a dog trainer since 2002; a behavior consultant since 2004, certified and experienced in severe behavior problems so she has come up with a problem prevention protocol that is implemented on all Golden Beauties Driven to Doodles puppies. 

Exquisite Therapy, Emotional Support and Service Dogs!

goldendoodle from golden beauties

The majority of Golden Beauties Driven to Doodles puppies are homed with families or facilities as Emotional Support Dogs (EMS), Service dogs as well as therapy dogs for Autism, mental disabilities and physical disabilities. Goldendoodles have been shown to be very loyal and obedient which is why they do well in homes requiring a dog attentive to the owners needs. Poodles, Doodles and Golden Retrievers have been  successfully utilized in the past as EMS, service and  therapy dogs. Our dogs are of the utmost quality and they are raised with care and love and trained as companions. Our reputation speaks for itself! 


stacy and her golden beauties

 Stacy, our President and behavior consultant chose to begin breeding; working with the Human-Canine community for decades devoting quality time to people's pets and rescue dogs both owning as well as fostering rescue dogs on top of  dealing with severe canine behavioral issues in other peoples companions. In 2004 Stacy lost her rescue dog who had severe skin ailments and behavioral issues; she decided that the Golden Retriever breed was extremely sound and fancied by many therefore a desirable and loving dog of which has a strong bond with their human companions. Golden Beauties Driven to Doodles began breeding Goldens to better the breed by selecting completely unrelated lineage and aid in Genetic testing research being conducted by the OFA (Orthopaedic Foundation of America). Doodles came into play due to their intelligence, longevity and hybrid vigor.

Additional Info & Owner's Kudos

Golden Beauties Driven to Doodles

We are a Goldendoodle, and Golden Retriever Breeder located in New York State. We harbor our adult breeding dogs, retired breeding dogs and litters of puppies in a home where they are cared for by a Certified Canine Behavior Consultant and Veterinary Assistant, as well as an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Post Masters  & future PhD candidate.

Golden Beauties Driven to Doodles is a fully state licensed and inspected facility, a preferred breeder with the Continental Kennel Club, a premium breeder member with the Premium Breeders list, an honored member of Gooddog.com  as well as a recommended breeder on Goldendoodles.com the exclusive and exquisite doodle breeder resource site as well as Gooddog.com 

Stacy is a premium professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and holds a myriad of certifications and degrees in animal behavior as well as human behavior and years of Continuing Education Credits (CEU) as well..

Stacy is a published author of The Goldendoodle (2009) and has written several excerpts for books for the APDT. 

Stacy was chosen to participate in CBCC-KA  exam question editing through PTC for the CCPDT's exam for behavior consultants (4/5/2019). 

Stacy currently volunteers on the Lifetime Assistance Airport Games committee; Lifetime Assistance is a not for profit organization located in the Rochester NY area that helps children and adults who have developmental and learning disabilities.

Stacy has been collaborating with RIT students to create a training app: sniffy-app.com to help owners train their dogs. Release date to be determined (Mid 2019). We will be posting the additional information as we have it from the creators of the app.  https://sniffy-app.com/ 

In 2017 & 2018 Stacy assisted a geneticist PhD student at Cornell University with a genetics study on Goldendoodles specifically the F1 generation to determine how males and females differ genetically to determine the likelihood of genetic diseases; Stacy and Andrea collected blood samples from a few of Stacy's Goldendoodles, the results of this study can be accessed upon request.

gorgeous goldendoodle puppy
gorgeous goldendoodle puppy

We Give Back to the Community

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 We raise money for families that can not afford a doodle or training but would benefit immensely from one

All proceeds collected here will be used for the price of the dogs and any training involved. We also throw in 2 free weeks of vaccines and training for any person who has served in the US military! 

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